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    Recommended Pointers When Purchasing Property in Valencia
  • Only deal with a registered estate agent that is a member of an accredited organisation like AEGI
  • Only deal with an agent with an established professional infrastructure and office base, bilingual staff, tax consultant, complete after sales services are fundamental as you will need different services to get settled in Valencia. Tradesmen, hospitals / medics, legalities, schools, surveyors, insurance, local info among many things.
  • Spain & Property recommend that you obtain the services of an independent solicitor
  • Only deal with an agent with a legitimate established office and staff who are bilingual in the native tongue and English
  • Always ask if the houses you are being offered are directly from the sellers or are they coming from other agents. Why pay commission twice?
  • We believe that it is fundamental that agents selling property can speak fluent business Spanish as all transactions are always conducted in Spanish. You do not want any disturbing surprises or bills later on. If an agent can’t speak fluently in Spanish there is always the possibility that he/she will not have a sufficient understanding of the legal process
  • Don’t just arrive and start looking at properties, Ask to be shown around the different areas of Valencia, You need to be shown the negative and positive of each area, ask why the price per meter squared differs from town to town, Important aspects can be transport, hospitals, schools, local amenities, water supply and processed future developments
  • Always start looking under your maximum budget as you need to be shown what’s available for less money to fully understand the value of your budget
  • It is always a good idea to use a solicitor who is situated no more than 30 minutes away from where you are based, You need to have access to your solicitor and it is fundamental that they speak fluent English and are familiar with the tax systems within the European community.

Spain & Property Spain & Property

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